Sleep Like a King or Queen in Luxury Bedding

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, there can be no denying that bed-times are precious. Rest, comfort and sleep are vital for us to function as human beings, so the bedding you choose is extremely important. If you want to add a real touch of luxury to your bedroom, why not opt for exclusive bedding? Beautiful, high-quality bedding and little touches of luxury can make all the difference to your mood; both in the evenings when you fall asleep, and when you awake in the morning.

Whereas luxury bedding was once the preserve of the rich and famous, it’s now a luxury that we can all afford. Ask most people what they think of when they hear the phrase ‘luxury bedding’, and they’ll probably describe a Tudor bedroom – a four-poster bed, perhaps, draped with furs and richly-embroidered bedding in plush reds and golds. Certainly, the upper classes have always opted for luxury bedding. After all, when you live in a drafty castle, you’ll need all the warmth you can get!

And consider the top exclusive hotels you’ve ever stayed in. You’re more likely to remember the touches of luxury such as the comfortable bedding than the chairs and tables!

Today’s exclusive bedding offers a world of possibilities. Crisp white Egyptian cottons, strokable satins and silks, and cuddly ermines and rabbit fur combine to create an effect that is nothing short of luxury. The beauty of modern-day luxury bedding is that it’s remarkably easy to create a feeling of luxury at a surprisingly low cost. If you’re interested in adding a touch of luxury to your bedding, the first thing to do is to choose your colour palette. Remember that bed-time is a time for relaxation, so opt for soft, muted shades: fawns, mauves, dove-greys; colours that you’d find in the evening or dawn sky. You’ll find a wider choice of luxury bedding in these muted shades, too, as natural materials such as cotton and fur typically appear in these colours.

Once you’ve selected the colour palette for your luxury bedding, it’s time to think about combining textures. For a real touch of luxury, opt for an eclectic mix: crisp cotton sheets (white, grey or black work best); satin top-sheets or duvet covers… and for an extra touch of luxury, how about a daring rabbit-fur throw? You won’t regret the time and attention you pay to your bedding. And remember: it’s the little touches of luxury that make all the difference. Sleep well!