BMW 1 Series Hatchback – The Ultimate Car!

BMW 1 Series was launched in the year 2004. The specialty of this model is that the structural features are unique such as it splits into larger 2 Series with chassis, electronic elements and powertrain hardware. BMW 1 series Hatchback is available in various models such as E81, E87 and E82, E88.

This series has produced remarkable compact cars. It has classic feature as the rear-wheel drive is excellent. The balance is at par excellence with 50:50 with a longitudinally-mounted powerful engine. The advanced and enhanced multilink suspension is one of its great features.

Records have revealed that BMW 1 Series Hatchback has its sales in skies, meaning it is one of the best selling automobiles in world. In fact, it is the second bestselling car. In the year 2008, this car was selected as the best car in terms of comfort and stunning features. However, many countries have noticed a slight change in its decision, but in the end BMW 1 Series Hatchback ruled everything out from its way and it stood like a roaring lion on road.

Hatchback E81, E87: Here, BMW has launched an amazing car with 5-door hatchback. It was first launched in the year 2004 in autumn. Roads were blocked and people were waiting for this time to get their hands on this stunning car. However, it has replaced the other model of BMW- the 3 Series Compact range. BMW 1 Series Hatchback is an ultimate car which can take smooth curves in rough and tough lanes and on roads, this car suits the best. This is the smallest car available and the best feature of this model is that it is affordable unlike other BMW models which are expensive. You can get this car without thinking twice as you will get luxury by not spending a lot of money. By the fall of 2005, BMW 1 Series Hatchback E81, E87 became the best selling models and about 150,500 models were sold alone in Europe.

When the years passed, BMW has emerged with a new model. With the dawn of 2007, BMW launched its enticing 3-door sports hatch variant- E81. This sports Hatch has great features besides being affordable. However, there were no major changes in this model but the headlight and taillights were revised for better enhancements. The interior of this model was not at all changed and the manufacturers have kept everything same.

The indicator has unique light which makes a person feel that the light is coming from some laser beam. This is something which breaks into two by leaving an attractive impression to an onlooker. This model has manual transmission and manually, you can operate this without much effort. The Efficient Dynamics technology has evolved with new power steering and with electric water pump. It has increased performance with lower emissions and start-stop system.