BMW X5-A 7 Seater Cars Study

7 Seater Cars: BMW’s First Entry

BMW has been a well known car manufacturer since ages. But the year when BMW entered the industry of 7 seater SUV was in 1999. BMW launched the X5, which was the first 7 seater car from BMW. Back in those years, the SUVs were more often used for the on road purposes compared the usage pattern of these days. Thus BMW manufactured a car that had more purpose on the road than off road on terrain. BMW also took care that the car had the best on road performance and handling, and to date it remains one of the best cars. By the looks of the car you can easily tell that it is a stretched sedan with the chassis combined. This 7 seater car was first brought in Spartanburg of South Carolina.

Change in the BMW’s X5

Initially in 1999 when the car was brought to the market, it could seat only 5 people, and you must be wondering why I called it a 7 seater car? It has a reason; Around in 2005-06 BMW noticed that there was more craze for the larger cars which could go off road on the terrains too. Thus in 2007 BMW redesigned the X5 to make it look similar to the generation 5 cars. It was in this year they introduced third row with 2 more people.

The Current BMW X5

Currently the BMW X5 comes in 3 different tags, and they are xDrive35d, xDrive 30i, xDrive48i, and all of them mainly differ in their engines. For example the 35d has 425 pound feet torque and 265hp power capability with turbocharged diesel engine.