Maserati’s New MC Sport Line

The extensive list of Maserati personalization options available throughout the entire Maserati range is now enriched with the new “MC Sport Line”. The “MC Sport Line” has been created to emphasize the sporting DNA of Maserati and it is for customers who wish to express their passion for sports cars with a dynamic look as well as advanced technical solutions to enhance their driving experience. The world of racing inspired the designers of the Maserati Style Center in this project: all the MC Sport Line components are made of carbon fiber, which is the material that has long been the choice in professional racing teams. Customers can select options to personalize both the exteriors and the interiors of the Maserati GranTurismo, whether GranTurismo S Automatic owners have also the possibility of enhancing the handling of their car using a special suspension setup.

The aerodynamic look and performance of the GranTurismo can be enhanced with the addition of two front deflectors and a rear spoiler in carbon fiber. The new aerodynamic parts increase the down-force, allowing the car to slice accurately through corners even faster. An even sportier exterior can be achieved by combining the carbon fiber aerodynamic additions with door handles and side mirror housings in the same material. Aggressive Neptune design 20″ wheels can complete the GranTurismo race-inspired look. Their gloss black surfaces are a perfect complement of the carbon fiber’s dark hue.

Carbon fiber sets the style in the “MC Sport Line” inspired interiors: dashboard, door panels and rear side panels have all carbon fiber moldings, while other interior details can be finished in gloss black. The carbon fiber door sill with the script “MC Sport Line” and it dominates the central tunnel. For those in search of the ultimate in racing style, a black leather steering wheel with carbon fiber rim and machined aluminum pedals with “MC” logo in red are also available.

The “MC Sport Line” also provides the option of a race-bred suspension and upgraded disc brakes on GranTurismo S Automatic.

A more immediate braking action during sustained spirited driving is guaranteed by a “MC Sport Line” suspension combined with perforated and slotted front and rear disc brakes. Blind holes have been added to the braking surface for more uniform wear of the brake pad and disc surfaces, allowing keeping braking efficiency constant over time. The electronically controlled dampers installed on the Maserati GranTurismo S Automatic can be replaced with a fixed-setting type combined with a larger-diameter roll bar for the rear. The Factory suggestion is combining the aerodynamic package with the sport suspension set-up as this combination allows both the wings and the suspensions to work more effectively to achieve the best performance in handling.

The MC Sport Line features beautifully crafted pieces created from race-inspired materials, it emphasizes Maserati’s proud competition heritage and allows you to express your own passion for the Trident brand, whether you’re choosing your first Maserati or want to add a new sportier look to your current GranTurismo. MC Sport Line accessories are available either as optional equipment or as individual components that can be retrofitted to any GranTurismo.