A Short Overview of Breitling Watches

A Short Overview of Breitling Watches
Original Breitling watches are much valuable to those who love to wear classic timepieces with the excellent design and marvelous color combination. Long way back in 1884 Breitling company was founded in Saint-Imier, Bernese Jura in Switzerland. This luxury watch was earlier used in aviation industry. Pilots preferred Breitling watches.

However, later many celebrities wore these fantastic timepieces. For example, the large face of Breitling for Bentley Motors attracted people in the past. The best part of Breitling watches is that many watches having the automatic winding system. There are a number of mechanical watches of this brand which require no electronic tools. There are other functionalities like flyback mechanism in many watches.

Breitling Navitimer timepiece became very popular to pilots. This extraordinary watch is upgraded with circular slide rule which was very useful to those who have to do searching operation. In addition, in between 1950-1960, an upgraded version of the Navitimer was launched into the market by Aircraft Owners Pilot Association. Therefore, this model has been embossed with the AOPA marking on the dial. Scott Carpenter, a world famous astronaut, once paid a short visit to Breitling company to get a fantastic Navitimer watch with a 24 hour basis dial instead of 12 hour dial. Finally, Breitling watch manufacturing company was successful in offering him a wonderful and much competent Cosmonaute Navitimer watch which he wore during his space mission. Brentling also manufactured the Limited Edition Breitling Bentley 24 Le Mans Watch to celebrate the magnificent Le Mans 24 Hours event.

In 1934, Breitling upgraded pushpiece mechanism for the accurate calculation of the short times. This mechanism is very beneficial to the functional chronograph models of the brand. In 1999, Breitling watches successfully achieved the no objection certificate from the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. This is a plus point to enhance the production of huge number of different models of this brand for the people who really want competent and functional watches like Brietling.

In 2001, Superquartz movement was another addition to this brand which upgraded the quality and efficiency level of watches. In the past, the company logo of Breitling was engraved on the rear side of the dial. There was also the fantastic signature of Montbrilliant on the timepiece. However around 1930, the watch was printed with Breitling. In 1952, the AOPA logo was used in which letters of Big Swallow were superimposed on the large sized wing on the dial. However, the modern models of Breitling have been embossed with a printed anchor with the superimposition of letter B on the centre and the large wings which symbolize that all watches of Breitling are competent in air, water and on surface of the earth.

Breitling Ref E56321 Breitling Emergency Orbitor 3 Limited Edition Titanium is a vintage watch which looks so nice that a man will feel smart and elegant. The blue face of the dial is really attractive. A pre-owned Breitling watch is very vital asset to a person. Through perpetual succession, family members use these fantastic watches. The magnificent design and eye-catching color with high graded functionality are the hallmarks of Breitling watch.

Navitimer is such a qualitative watch which sportsmen, pilots and celebrities like to wear. The specialty of this watch is that it has been designed with logarithmic scales. It acts as a navigational tool. Vintage Breitling Datora Chronograph Men’s Watch is also an excellent timepiece. This wonderful watch is designed with a dazzling stainless steel case. The ivory colored dial is also a point of attraction. There is a magnificent oval shaped graphic on the center with two prominent black colored sub-dials. This watch is loaded with manual winding movement. It is excellent time keeper. In this connection, one can search the ebay or Amazon.com to buy the used or vintage Breitling watches. The price of every model is reasonable.