Luxury Watch – Almost as Precious as Time

In today’s day and age, we find ourselves surrounded with time displaying devices at every step. Be it your mobile phone, your i pads or laptops, the car dashboard or even the microwave in the kitchen, time is always €in your face’. We are obsessed with time keeping, but there is never enough of it. But despite this, the charm of a Wrist watch is still very much in. Be it rushing to catch a flight or hurrying for a board meeting or even catching up with your friends for a cocktail and some gossip, the comfort of an automatic wristwatch check is the most comforting.

The charm of gold watches today exists beyond class, choice, functionality and punctuality. Gold luxury watch is a statement of one’s personal style and a reflection of the attitude of the wearer. Today a lot of us, own over one watch and in case we don’t then now is the time. Not only do watches reflect your state of mind, different watches compliment different ensembles and are more befitting for some events than others. Especially for men, apart from neckties, watches are the only formal accessory that mirrors their attitude.

With humble beginnings in the 13th Century, wrist watches have come a long way. Queen Elizabeth originally received a wristwatch more like a bracelet as a gift in 1571 but it was only in the 1880’s that mass production of quality watches started. Today, watch makers offer multiple collections like sports watch, dress watches; Grand complilations like chronographs, pilot watches and the list continues and keeps getting more specific for various requirements of the wearer. Today gold watches are a rage. Be it in gold and stainless steel with a black dial, rose gold with white dial, platinum pave speckled with diamonds gold watches are the most fashionable.

Treasure Gold is a treasure trove of gold watches from the world’s best luxury watch brandsfor example Omega, Tag Hueur, Longines, Tissot for starts. So if you have been looking around for ladies or men’s luxury watch and not yet found your perfect accessory you are now at the right place.

For guys, the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Gents Watch is a great selection for a sporty watch. The chunky composite bezel, bold color choices and atheletic looking straps makes it distinguished from its contemporaries and give customers a rugged quartz match of Swiss quality, alternative to the ones made in Japan.While TAG has moved upmarket with many of its model lines, the Formula 1 remains its most affordable, unique and durable timepieces.

Tissot is another brand that has been around since ages and delivers great quality watches repetitively for both men and ladies. The Tissot Prc 200 Mens Watch and Tissot Every Time Ladies Watch are great buys for the price they come in . The dial is made of sapphire, which is absolutely scratch proof. The elegant and timeless designs add a higher level of quality to these watches. Its looks are at par with its effeciency. It is appropriate for any event and compliments any item out of your wardrobe.

When it comes to glitzy luxury watches, Omega is the show stealer. Their Constellation series has been around for years and just gets better with every product. This series is equally popular with both men and women.

Some Omega watch models are dripping with diamonds- mostly popular with ladies. Men mostly choose to go simple with the more masculine stainless steel versions. The iconic €links and bars’ bracelet, bezel claws and Roman numerals give it a stylish contemporary look. The Omega Constellation Ladies 18ct Gold And Steel Watch is a great watch for ladies. The Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Mens Watch known famously as the €James Bond” watch is a watch of unmatched precision, a masterpiece of water proof technology where each and every watch is individually tested before they get out there for you.

So go ahead , make your choice. Treasure Gold has a coolection of great watches for you to choose from that while browsing you will like to lose track of time..