Tag Formula 1 Watches – World Recognised Sporting History – Now Affordable For Men and Women Today

You may already know and have seen for yourself that Tag Heuer has been sponsoring some of the biggest sporting events for many years. No wonder the Tag Formula 1 Watches editions, were eventually created to honour this proud tradition.

You may not know this, but Tag Heuer was used to time various sporting events way back in the early 1920s for the Olympic Games. Since then, the name has been used for countless events around the world, more so today as the advancements in technology have seen Tag Heuer time keep for Formula 1 racing with split second timing used for ultra timekeeping, as the cars of today are extremely fast.

It has even been worn in space, as one astronaut wore a Tag stopwatch on his wrist and travelled around the globe 3 times. The history of this brand name just keeps showing in the most unusual and wonderful places, it really just makes you wonder how a watch brand can have such a great history and relationships, with many well known global events that have happened down the years.

So apart from designing a fantastic range of Formula 1 watches which are tough, great looking and have a character all of their own, the more you look at the whole history of the name, the more greater the interest in the Tag Heuer name itself.

Because of my excitement of receiving my first Tag watch a couple of years ago, I decided to explore more into the history because it now felt like I owned a classic piece of history myself.

In the 1980s saw Tag Heuer sponsor sporting events like world yacht racing events, skiing and racing in Europe and America like the Daytona championships. Even Golfing and tennis greats have joined the Tag Heuer brand name.

There are many Formula 1 watches, all with a distinctive great sports look about them. Catering for both men and women, with incredible quality and strength, purposely designed for the more active, sports minded person.

Worrying about damage is not required as all Tag Formula 1 watches are incredibly tough, scratch proof and have water resistance capabilities.

A lot of them have good design features, with added details to give the owner that something extra and pleasure of owning a Tag watch, some of them even look like a aeroplane cockpit with all the added dials and extra features, which is what immediately strikes you when you first see a Tag Formula 1.

From professional to chronograph, college and university designs, it seems Tag Heuer have produced a sports watch for every occasion. Which is hardly surprising as the name has even travelled around the world 3 times in space, it can be said for certain that there is more to a Tag Formula 1 watch than meets the eye.