The Aquaracer Watch: The Best Designer Watch for Active People

If you are looking to buy a popular luxury wrist watch I recommend taking a look at the Aquaracer watch line by TAG Heuer. TAG boasts a long story dating back to around the mid 1800’s, and is responsible for a good number of the revolutions in the watch business we know today. Long before there were electric wrist watches, Heurer crafted wristwatches that were accurate to within 1/100th of a second. An accomplishment that turned out to be incredibly important for record keeping in the world of professional sports.

Because of this accomplishment Heurer was asked to provide the official time for the Olympic games, Formula 1, and other renowned events. This important relationship inside the sporting domain paved the way for TAG Heuer to become the premier watch for athletes and those an active lifestyle. Tag Heurer watches are not only very accurate but they are also incredibly durable. This durability adds to the appeal for people who are likely to be very hard on watches (think hikers, rock climbers, mountain bikers).

The TAG Aquaracer watches were designed specifically to appeal to scuba divers. I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourself, “but I’m not a diver”. Stick with me for a moment while we explore how we can benefit from a watch intended for divers.

For starters they’re made to be water resistant. What kind of person won’t benefit from this great feature? Just how many watches have you lost to water? A friend of mine lost a excellent watch to a commode after his child tried to find out if it would float. I said goodbye to a wrist watch in a lake after a pal of mine thought it would be funny to push me off of our boat as we were posing for a photograph. I will never own a watch that is not waterproof again.

Second, these watches have a well lit face that is very easy to read. How often do you have difficulties seeing your watch at night? It won’t be a issue with these watches. They were made so a scuba diver deep under the water would be able to see the watch hands. Time is really a matter of life and death for a diver. If a scuba diver runs out air before they come up they could have serious problems. Think about it, if a diver can see this watch 300 meters beneath the surface, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to tell the time at night just fine.

Finally, lets look at accuracy again. An aspect which is really essential to a diver. As mentioned, his life could very well depend on his watch. His watch assist him in calculating the level of oxygen he has remaining. Our lives may not be dependent on whether or not we get to a conference or a meeting on time, however our careers very well may. If nothing else it certainly could save you a bit of embarrassment by keeping you on time. If you still have a hard time being punctual at least you will have an awesome watch to show off when you double check the time with a puzzled look when you finally get to your meeting.