A Luxury Business Jet That Stands Out From the Crowd

The Embraer range of luxury executive jets just got better with the Phenom 300; the design sees a perfect balance of climb, speed, performance on takeoff and superb comfort that many other airlines may very well struggle to match.

So exactly what makes the Phenom 300 stand out from the crowd? First there is the fact that it is easily capable of being able to cruise at a high speed of 450 KTAS, equivalent to Mach 0.78, and it takes just 12 minutes before you are flying high at an altitude of 35,000. The range of the jet is also something that Embraer are able to brag about, with 6 onboard, the Phenom 300 is capable of flying 1, 800 nm, Embraer are also proud of the fact that this is the only light jet featuring standard single point re-fuelling, in short it is one of the very best business class jets in existence.

With all these advancements you might expect the Phenom 300 to fail when it comes to being economical, again Embraer have managed to pull this off too as the jet has been engineered for a life of around 28,000 cycles, which means it is low maintenance and you spend less time grounded for inspections. Need to land or take off on short runways in remote locations? No problem all that’s needed is a field length of 956 meters.

One of the first priorities of Embraer was the needs of the passengers, this started with the design of the fuselage of the craft, and the shape allows the belly of jet to extend out at the bottom to give passengers more leg room, the design also allows seats in the cabin to be lower so there is more headroom. The interior of the jet was designed by BMW Group Design works, they made sure that the windows were large and this gives the cabin space a light and very airy feeling, along with the very best views possible.

The jet is the only business aircraft to have an air stair single piece door that ensures easy entry and exit for passengers and there will be a choice of three basic layouts in the cabin with the standard one having six seats in a set out in a four seat club section with forward facing seating in the aft cabin. If you have a lot of luggage to take with you, no problem, the luggage compartment can carry a golf bag, ski bag, garment bag and a carry-on bag for each of the passengers onboard along with passengers being able to store small items in the cabin.

To summarize if you are looking for a luxury business jet that has great economy, one of the largest cabins in its class, is customizable, can take off and land almost on a pinhead and stands out from the crowd, the Embraer 300 may just be the perfect choice.