Mobiado 105 GMT Stealth – Luxury Phone With Incredible and Dazzling Features

The advent of luxury cell phones has achieved a major share in the cell phone market globally. Today you will find several brands manufacturing luxury cell phones for the elite class people. These brands have entered into profitable market section of phones, simply by manufacturing and introducing some astonishing and spectacular luxury masterpieces. Some of the popular attire brands have also entered into this profitable market section including Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce and Gabbana, Levi’s and many others. All these brands also have a desire to penetrate in this sector. In this article, I am going to discuss about an awe-inspiring luxury masterpiece introduced by Mobiado. Mobiado 105 GMT DNA is a gadget that is designed with the inspiration of military stealth aircraft.

Mobiado 105 GMT cell phone comprises of mechanical watches, sapphire crystal and aluminum in a fervent fashion. The manufacturer has only created 117 models and each model is an elegant fusion of rarity and immense lavishness. Replicating the style of grandmasters in traditional European design, Mobiado 105 GMT Stealth is surely a renaissance in luxury mobile industry. This luxury phone comprises of some profligate materials including Cocobolo hardware, sapphire crystal, Diamond, rose gold. It is really a captivating luxury masterpiece that can entice the eyes of the elite class people.

Remarkable in its execution, genial in its quest and exceptional with its phone making quality and contemporary style, Mobiado 105 GMT Stealth is the ultimate fusion of fashion, style and exceptional features. This mobile device is the idiom of mechanical brilliance, the sincerity of trustworthy craftsmanship and mastery of imaginative facts. Mobiado 105 GMT Stealth is a novel masterpiece. The rear and front portion of this gadget is designed by using huge pieces of sapphire crystal, offering a self-effacing and fashionable look. This gadget is powered by a veiled and elite sliding battery cover mechanism and the battery cover is made out of single large piece of sapphire crystal. The entire components of the gadget are assembled by hand and to assemble the components gun metal black stainless steel screws are used.

This traditional yet pioneering luxury phone imitates the conventions of the past implemented into the future. There is also a dual mechanical watch movement integrated in this cell phone, allowing the users to set two diverse international time zones and use the electronic phone time for local timing. So, enhance your status with this luxury masterpiece in the society.