Style Statements With Luxurious Sofas

Furniture is often a way that helps us to make a style statement for ourselves. The selection of the pieces along with their beauty and finesse not only adds to the beauty and glamour of the interior decor of our homes and offices but also makes a difference to the appeal of comfort within.

Among the many articles of furniture that we use to decorate our homes and places of work sofas are an important inclusion. This is the most preferred seating arrangement in any formal or even informal gathering as this has an equal measure of comfort and style.

Sofas are usually very attractive and help to augment the beauty of a place. And thus it makes it imperative that special care is given to their making and furnishing.

Sofa Styles

The sofa of the modern days is not a thing of the present. These were made since the days of initiation of the fine crafting of wood and manufacture of fine furniture pieces.

One of the chief points of difference between sofas of the modern period with those of the olden days is the way they were embellished.

In examples of antique sofas you will find a heavy accompaniment of exquisite carvings and intricate and ornate sculpting and engravings made in the wood. The choice of materials to furnish it with cushions and upholstery were equally ornamental in their designs and color schemes.

The styles adopted in modern sofas are one in which there are more of straight lines in the design pattern and very little or no engraving or embellishments in the wood whatsoever. The colour schemes followed in upholstery and furnishings are also muted and more on pastel shades.

Here are a few styles of sofas that are known to us since the olden days.

The traditional sofas that were called settee could accommodate as many as three people.

There are other traditional sofas that are called the divan.

Sofa beds known as futons and the fainting couch that had a partial backrest are also there.

The sofas that can accommodate two people are also known as British two-seaters.

Sectional sofas that are known as corner sofas in the UK in which two pieces of the seats are joined at right angles and fit to be placed at the corners.

Sofas are upholstered with either fabrics or even leather. There is also faux leather or leatherette material that is used at times.

Popularity of Modern Leather Sofas

Sofas with leather upholstery have been in vogue in the modern era. People prefer the fine textures of pure and treated leather to the rich ornamental fabrics in various shades.

Leather sofas are easy to maintain both for official and home settings. There are a wide variety of colours that are available among the leather materials that are beautiful muted shades offering comfort and styles in various ways.

Black leather sofa is one of the all time favourites among all the choices of colours. However consumers and patrons have several options to choose from depending on the background and colour settings of their rooms.