Used Maserati – A Blend Of Luxury & Style

Maserati is an Italian car manufacturer that was established in December of 1914 by six brothers who began the company by building race cars. Maserati is a blend of luxury and style. The Maserati brand is world-renowned for its comfort and safety record.

Today, the Fiat corporation owns Maserati and the cars are better than ever. The cars are built in one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. They are made with strict attention to detail and a design that cannot be matched by any other car manufacturer. With luxurious automobiles can come a luxurious price, but that does not mean that a Maserati is not within the grasp of many people by purchasing a Used Maserati.

Even Used Maserati have great features including automatic transmission, heated leather seats, Bose Sound Systems, satellite navigation systems, front and rear parking sensors, and electric sunroofs. Of course, features vary by model and year.

With the Maserati pre-owned program, there is no stress in purchasing a Used Maserati. A certified pre-owned Maserati comes complete with a two year or 50,000-mile warranty that is in addition to any warranty the car may have. This warranty can be transferred to a new owner as well, adding resale value to your car – not that you will be interested in selling it! Maserati also provides it’s Used Maserati owners with the same roadside assistance program that all new Maserati owners receive.

The newest models of Maserati include the GranTurismo and the Quattroporte Sport GTS.

To find a Used Maserati, contact your local Maserati dealership and inquire if they have certified pre-owned vehicles. If there are no dealerships in your area, the Maserati website has a wonderful tool to help you choose your Used Maserati and includes searches based on year, model, mileage, color, and price. You can also use the site to inquire further about the car, see photographs, or arrange a test drive.

In conclusion, it is easy to purchase and own a Used Maserati. These cars are both sporty and luxurious and thanks to an excellent warranty, they are worry-free as well. A Used Maserati is an excellent investment that you will enjoy for years to come.