Top Three Super Luxury Car Options

Driving in, or being driven in a super luxury car is a thing that most of us will only ever dream about and never experience. These cars cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are only reserved for the rich and the famous to have parked in front of their large luxury homes. Some of the more exclusive dealerships are invitation only. So what exactly do these super luxury cars have to offer? Out of curiosity we have complied a list of the top three super luxury car options.

Have you ever worried about night time driving visibility? If you have then you may be interested in the night vision option on the Rolls Royce Ghost model. This feature can sense body heat from pedestrians on the road up to 300 meters away at night and is hidden behind a veneered panel during the day. Although this is a pretty cool feature offered by Rolls Royce, you would have to be pretty blind at night to actually need it.

Maybach is a luxury brand made by Daimler AG, the same company that makes Mercedes-Benz. The car brand is known for its high cost and over the top luxury amenities. It has been a favorite among businesspersons who like to be chauffeured around and is Donald Trump’s preferred luxury car. The designers of the Maybach Landaulet model have decided that wood trim in the car may not be enough to impress its buyers so they have added an optional “Galaxy Star” granite trim.

When you are driving around such an expensive car it is sometimes wise to think about security. These cars can be the target of high auto thieves who steal the car and quickly ship them out of the country. Bentley has decided to address this problem by providing optional Europe-wide 24 hour service for active stolen car alert, car location, and tracking. Take notice though that this feature is for some reason only available for their European clientele.