The Cartier Roadster Watch and More

The Cartier Roadster Watch was introduced by the Cartier Watch company in 2001 in honor of the company’s 150th anniversary. And as time fly, the Roadster watch collection has carried on to present astounding success. Additionally, Cartier has also made a Roadster fragrance. Cartier is really a brand recognized not just because of the watch but likewise for the perfumes which it offers.

A particularly prosperous and positive man is what the Roadster watch symbolizes. Roadster is created for the wearer and in addition all the components of the timepiece are finely integrated which makes it seem that these components of the wrist watch work for the Roadster. Furthermore, the Cartier Roadster watch posses a pleasing to the eye watch dial as well as bezel that does more often than not jump out against various other known high class watches.

Cartier’s drive for the Roadster Watches came from the area of spectacular automobiles. In addition, the Roadster has a mechanical movement of an automatic winding Cartier Calibre 8510. The hands are luminous sword shaped black oxidized steel and the timepiece is water resistant. It can be used up to the depth of one hundred meters. The face is masked using a scratch proof sapphire crystal.

However be reminded that the Cartier watches have been around since World War 1. Among the watches which were designed by Louis Cartier is inspired by the Allied armored combat vehicles that defended France during the Great War. And this watch is the famous Tank Watch. The 1st instance of this watch was presented to American General John J. Pershing.

The Cartier Watch Company is also known with regards to ladies’ watches. Cartier together with the competition watch firm of Michele, they have introduced within their fashion lines very easily interchangeable straps in a range of colors. This was an easier way to have a watch that can be used for different fashions.

As of yet, a few of the newest add ons to the Cartier collection are the: Lady’s Roadster, Tank Americaine, Pasha 38mm White Gold, WG Tank Francaise, and the Pasha 35mm Chronograph. Other Cartier all-time watch favorites consists of the Cartier Tank Francaise, 21 Chrono, Santos de Cartier, Roadster, Panthre de Cartier, Cartier Divan, Cartier Pasha C, Pasha, Tank Basculante, Tank Americaine Chrono, and Must de Cartier.

Moreover, all of the Cartier timepiece models have their own unique characteristics and style. It’s a mix of contemporary styles with a touch of jewels as well as valuable stones. These timepieces are obtainable pieces of exclusive creativity. Each of them present a wonderful blend of gold, steel, and jewels inside their timepieces making them as marvelous as ever.

And because of the detailed as well as distinctive designs, like that of the Cartier Roadster watch, Cartier Watch Company guards their designs seriously. Since Cartier worked so hard to possess a distinctive design for numerous years. There’s been cases in the past, in which the company sued those that infringes on their copyrights. The most fresh case is between Cartier and QVC Inc.

For infringing on several of their designs that includes the fashionable Cartier Santos timepieces, a ladies’ watch, and the Cartier Pasha Grille trade dresses, Cartier is suing QVC. In addition, it is not merely a basic lawsuit which will force the QVC to cease selling the said brands. The filed lawsuit requires a permanent injunction. Cartier wants every one of the infringed wrist watches to be destroyed.

So to all the other timepiece manufacturers, you need to think hard prior to trying to make use of the Cartier timepiece designs for your own benefits. Ranging from the Cartier Tank watch to the Cartier Roadster Watch, and to the Cartier Santos, the Cartier Watch Company has established that it is a brand of originality and high quality.