Your Care-Free Caribbean Family Luxury Vacation

Why do we all look forward to a vacation in a family hotel in the Caribbean?

** When we decide to go to the Caribbean, we look for things out of the ordinary.

** We look for the sun, the sea and the sand while we ask for much more.

** We are looking for the beach to sit on all day.

** We are looking for dining rooms that allow you to sunbathe in gentle tropical winds at night.

** We are looking for lots of water sports and other sports.

** We are looking for lounging delights and are looking for a lounge deck within easy access to the Caribbean’s beautiful waters.

** Of course we cook a beautiful, comfortable room with an equally luxurious bed to relax and get a restful sleep after our long, sunny day.

** We are looking to be pampered. With everything we want.

Now you can see why Caribbean Resorts are so popular. As many as 80% of Caribbean resorts are beachfront properties or close to lakes or other waterways. Even when choosing a budget hotel, the views from your room are breathtaking!

Can you, do you want more?

Go and enjoy once again someone else who is waiting for you.

With any yardstick (or metric stick!), The Caribbean is the best place to have that relaxed feeling during a vacation.

You can have such wonderful vacations for a lifetime, with a platinum-level membership in the Global Resorts Network that is very friendly on your wallet in the long run. You get to see GRN’s huge inventory of fantastic resorts and choose from several alternatives to incredible discounts.

You can choose to go to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad or Barbados. Or anywhere else in the world. Each spot has a series of choices !.

While it will be great if you look at the Registry of Resorts and decide for yourself and your family, some of the resorts that take care of family vacations suggest:

** Guanahani Village Resort in the Bahamas near the capital Nassau / Enjoy the beach, outdoor pool, tennis court and poolside snack bar here.

** Tyne Beach Terrace in the Bahamas, enjoy the ocean, which is perfect.

** Island Palm Resort in Bahamas: You will love the spacious accommodation here and activities such as snorkeling, swimming, sea scavenging, volleyball and sunbathing.

** If you can stop worrying about your waist once, you can enjoy good food and drink here!

** Emerald Palm Resorts, if you are interested in intimate hideaways. The resort is completely quiet.

Jamaica is another great destination. There are many places here but you will do well to look at the following places in your internet search.

** Negril Beach Club on the famous Negril Beach. You will love the sandy beach, the apartment’s pure luxury and the very courteous service.

** Franklin d. Refuge.

** Sunflower Beach Resort.

** Sandcastle Resort.

** Birdcage Villa with family and child friendly accommodation and amenities.

Of course, you decide which resort you choose after careful examination of all the ideas you find in the Registry of Resorts.

Then, if Barbados is your desired destination, there are many resorts. To name just a few, Barbados is known for its endless sunshine and is a Caribbean gem!

** Long Beach Club on the southeast coast of Barbados is a coral island with absolute peace and quiet and stunning scenery. It is just minutes from the airport and there are plenty of water sports.

** Melrose Beach Apartments have excellent outdoor activities such as horse riding, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, swimming, catamaran cruises in addition to squash, golf, tennis, fitness clubs and cycling.

The decision to choose where to go and where to stay is with you, the above are some useful suggestions that will allow you to start thinking about your next vacation and what is more of a lifelong relationship with GRN where the list of supplements to Resorts holds in pace with your desire to have a great vacation with the family!

The best luxury resorts in the world are now within reach.