Luxury Gift Ideas for a Guitar Player

As hobbies go, guitar playing is not quite as expensive as yacht-racing or something like that, but there are still many high-end items that guitar players can indulge in. If you are looking for a high-end gift for a guitar player, you may have already become frustrated once you realized that guitar players tend to buy almost everything they need to pursue their hobby, from a multitude of guitars to the most wacky gadgetry. However, there’s always room for another guitar in the collection, and there’s always some gifts that can be experienced over and over again.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for a fantastic guitar-related gift for the string-plucking enthusiast in your life.

Custom Handmade Guitar

Yes, your guitar enthusiast will already have a nice acoustic guitar or two, but there is nothing in the world like having a custom guitar made to order. It’s not just about the guitar, it’s about the experience of working with a luthier to select tonewood, design a style, and to be part of the process of bringing a one-of-a-kind guitar to life. It’s definitely not a good idea to have a guitar made for someone without their input. Instead, do the research and find a luthier who will make a great instrument, and get them to send some sample photos that you can wrap up as the present for the gift recipient.

Guitar Humidor

Whether you live in a cool, dry climate, or a hot and humid one, there are time of the year when the weather is not very kind to your guitars. They are made of wood, after all, and the tone and stability of the guitar depend greatly on the enduring quality of the wood over time. Guitars need a little moisture to stay healthy, especially during the dry winter months, and buying a special “humidor” guitar case is a great gift, which will help keep a guitar looking and sounding its best year after year. As a luxury purchase, a humidor also gives the owner a great conversation piece to make his guitar-playing friends envious.

Recording Studio Time

Whether your guitar-playing friend has ever recorded in a studio or not, the gift of recording time will be a fantastic and welcome surprise. Some folks need a little extra push to get into a studio and lay down some tracks, so finding them a good studio with an engineer who can help them get the recording they want is a great gift idea. Check your area for recording studios, and try to find one that has a good reputation, and has some credits on some professional records.

A better idea is to find an engineer first, and then go with the studio that they recommend, so you can focus on working with someone you like. Many studios have song demo package deals, where they will record and mix a project for you for a flat fee, and may even include some added instrumentation from a talented player. Giving a gift that results in a professional recording will last forever and be remembered fondly.