The Amazing and Luxury Corporate Gifts

When you are giving out freebies to your customers, you are already one step ahead your competitors who have yet to implement this strategy. However, when you are using luxury corporate gifts as a branding strategy, you will not believe what impact it will bring to your fellow customers. They are going to love you for the rest of your life.

The word luxury simply means rarity. It is usually rarer and more expensive to be given away. It is not something an ordinary consumer would expect to receive. Of course, if you really want to impress your customers in such a way, you need to be prepared with a huge budget and may only want to give them to certain privileged customers. For example the premium membership, gold membership and VIPs.

Here are some of the luxury corporate gifts you can consider to give as freebies. Again, the cost of investing in this kind of freebies is much higher than the usual ones. Unless you really have the huge budget to give to all your customers, choosing the right members to give away would be a better choice.

The culture of having fish aquariums in offices has become a norm to many businesses today. Some place the fish aquarium for the purpose decoration and some place them for the sake of feng shui. Knowing this, you can actually give away a hanging fish tank to your customers. The stand actually looks like a hanging lamp post and the difference comes in the lamp post part, where it is replaced with a small fish tank. Something really unique and luxury, to put in the office room.

The next type of luxury corporate gifts is the wall globe. A wall globe is an ornament which can be hung on the wall in the shape of a globe. You have probably seen this in many offices either right behind the reception counter or the entrance of the office. This freebie is an amazing one because it is a symbol of globalisation where the company is already going international or has a vision to go international. With this in the office, visitors will feel the good quality the company carries with them. It really helps the name shines forth to the maximum.

The last one is the creative mirror display. This kind of luxury corporate gifts is the mirror where it can display the date, time and day at the right bottom of the mirror. The remaining space, you can use them to serve as a mirror or imprint an invisible version of the brand name or company logo on it. When this happens, the company brings the message of being up to date in terms of technologies. Even if the company has nothing to do with technologies or gadgets, it is simply something that defines the cool factor in the office.

Those were the examples of the rare corporate gifts which were to be given away to a selective group of members only. Nobody in the right frame of mine would ever think of giving all these away as freebies. If you are able to do this and your customers receive these luxury corporate gifts, they are going to have a very deep impression on your company.