The BMW 3 Series – The Car of Your Dreams?

The BMW 3 series offers a sporty look, an elegant feel, and a comfortable cockpit for the new 2010 models. Everything you’ve come to expect in the brand is offered in the 335i and 335d series vehicles. Each model has a distinctive style with comfort being foremost on the list of positives. The maker also has exclusive color schemes and choices that are specifically designed when a customer places an order.

This unique machine has attributes that are essential to the brand, such as; its rear-wheel drive or xDrive (which is on the Coupe), and the weight distribution which is perfect to allow the driver ease of road handling. It handles with precision in the remarkable steering column, with a suspension system designed and engineered with the skill we have come to expect from this car manufacturer. Such precision is one of the qualities that you’d expect when buying or leasing a BMW car.

To say that it is fun to drive this car would be an understatement. Given its tight road hugging ability, the owner can zip through traffic or down a mountain road with the security and safety that is part of the trademark for the renowned company. With an acceleration that makes the car easy to manage, no matter what the road condition is. This makes long drives an absolute pleasure; you are at the wheel of a formidable vehicle which looks as good as it feels.

The car is available with either a gasoline, or a diesel fuel engine. The average mile per gallon with the diesel fuel engine is about 35-40 while the gasoline engine gets around 25-30 miles per gallon depending on the series. The engines are typically V6 or straight 6 in either a standard shift transmission or automatic. For a more economically friendly vehicle you may also choose to get the four cylinder engine. All engines are available in diesel or gasoline engines.

The interior of the car looks and feels ergonomically comfortable without being cluttered. Its elegant style and heated leather seats as well as a heated steering wheel make these little luxuries stand out. The features of automatic seat belts are designed for the safety of driver and passengers alike. Structurally sound with superior wind noise reduction luxury exudes from this series.

Inside the cockpit there is plenty of head and leg room, lots of great places to stow things with the look and feel of elegance, style and grace. Some of the extras include; weather service 365 anywhere you want to go, added iPod usb plug ins and exclusive colors. The BMW 3 series offers online help with travel, general information or just fun trivial entertainment. Staying on top of the curve with the internet connections, driving directions and emergency for medical situations help driver and passengers alike. Just sit back and enjoy the elegant ease of zooming down the highway with minimal road noise and excellent suspension for a smooth relaxing ride.

With plenty of space in the trunk, it’s easy to pack your bags and be off on a worry free trip. The solid build of the body and its low to the ground chassis allows the driver to maneuver the car comfortably without getting tired of holding the wheel. No more going backwards and forwards while fighting with the steering wheel, as you do with so many cars.

Once you buy or lease this vehicle you will join the ranks of millions of other drivers who continue to love the car they have chosen. Many drivers refuse to ever own another luxury vehicle; only purchasing a coupe, sedan or cruising car every time they decide to get another vehicle from this maker. When you purchase a BMW 3 series you get unmatched quality, skilled precise craftsmanship, and a consistent reliably engineered luxury vehicle in which you can ride with style, pride and comfort.