Luxury Watches – How to Start Your Collection

A watch tells the time, but it is not the only thing it does! It can be a timeless classic that adds the wow factor to your personality, it can be an heirloom that you can pass on to the next generations and it can be a style statement that brings the bling to your wardrobe. Let’s explore a few things before you buy a luxury watch.

What to Buy?

Where to begin? Before you decide which watch to buy, you need to zero in on the purpose of your purchase. If you want to possess, wear, and flaunt, a luxury timepiece, you may choose a popular watch from a well-known brand. A good example, in this category, is the TAG Heuer Carrera.

Why choose complications? Focus on the complications, i.e., the mechanical functions of the piece other than that it tells the time, if you want something specific. An example is its ability to tell the date, day and month of the year. However, these pieces are even more expensive. The more complications the timepiece has, the higher its price.

Who said you have to stick to neutrals when you want a high-end watch? It is true that many reputed watchmakers play it safe with colors when it comes to classics. But there are luxury watches that can add just the right dash of colors to your wardrobe. How about the Zürich blaugold from the NOMOS Glashütte? It sure is a design classic with a difference!

What’s best? Luxury mechanical watches embody aesthetics, craftsmanship and complications. You must invest in a piece from the best watchmakers to get a taste of this luxury. Timepieces from Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin are sure to satisfy even the most finicky connoisseurs of luxury watches!

Why Buy?

How to grab eyeballs? Well, a luxury watch can be the best way to up your style quotient! This is not the only reason to indulge in this luxury though. A high-end timepiece can generate the right attention in the right people and make you the focus of it. You can make a favorable impression on anyone if you know how to flaunt it right.

What makes the difference? Low-end watches, mass-produced by unskilled laborers, are sure to be poor in quality when compared to precious, handcrafted timepieces that take months, even years to make. The huge difference in quality is what makes the first one a common item of no considerable value and the second one a collectible worth millions.

What to look for? Another point to consider is the features and functions present in the luxury watches. Your watch may withstand rain, if it is 30 meters water resistant. However, it will be no good if you keep it submerged. But you can wear a 100 meters water resistant classic watch when you go snorkeling or a 500 meters water resistant piece when diving.

What affects value? Why is a diamond precious? The answer is simple – because it is rare. The same applies to watches. A mass produced watch can never fetch a high price because there are thousands, and probably more, like it. This is where the handcrafted items score – they are rare, and therefore, valuable.

How to flaunt it right? The best advantage you can get from a luxury watch is that it serves as a hint of your wealth. Even better, it does not show-off your wealth; it provides just a glimpse of it. It does not try to prove a point; it is this understated elegance of the high-end watches that make them cherished.

Where to Buy?

Which is convenient? Whether you are a beginner on the lookout for a Omega or an avid collector with a fascination for Patek Philippe, it is important that you buy such luxury pieces from an authentic shop. You may visit the nearby brand store; you may also take the shorter route – an online retailer who stocks all makes and models of luxury watches.

How do you know an original? Buying an expensive watch means investing a lot of money. If you fail to get a good deal, it is only a waste. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the online retailer you buy from ensures authenticity. A good retailer will have associations with the watchmakers and provide a certificate of authenticity with the purchase.

Does it need insurance coverage? Again, the same logic applies here. Luxury watches involve high investments. Just as you need insurance to cover any valuable possession of yours, you need insurance to cover any loss or damage to the classic timepiece. Many retailers offer assistance with the insurance coverage.

How much does it cost? Keep your budget in mind though before you make a purchase. You can buy a luxury watch for as little as $2,000. And how much can the price go up to? It can go up to millions of dollars for a single piece. It is, therefore, best to know how much you can spend on this even before you begin to spend it.