Travel the World in Luxury and Unparalleled Style

You might want to try a truly unique traveling experience and go on a world luxury tour. Many people cringe at the thought of a traditional tour. Luxury tours are more like planned vacations, with a team catering to your every need or whim. Unlike traditional tours with rigid plans, you can decide on how you want the trip, and the luxury tour providers are there just to make your trip better.

Why might you consider a luxury tour:

You might want to consider a luxury tour if you are going to a remote place where you don’t speak the language, or you just want to travel the globe without worries. These trips can be planned with a number of options, including private jet travel, so you won’t have to worry about strict boarding times, and irritating baggage claims.

Here are a few luxury travel tour providers:


This travel group has been planning world luxury tours, and has over 50 years experience in the luxury travel market. They offer many different options that can be completely tailored to your travel needs. This group even has its own custom-fitted Boeing 757, you will enjoy the luxury of being freed of commercial routes, and schedules. The team on board, will also provide a true luxury travel experience, with on board physician, private jet chef, attentive flight crew, and even guest travelers, that are experts in the regions you are visiting.

Absolute Travel: This luxury tour group provides its clients with a travel experience that is flexible and aims to give the clients everything they want in a luxury vacation. This travel group uses local guides knowing each destination like only a local could to give you authentic travel experiences. Comfort is also a high priority, and this travel group provides deluxe accommodations in all itineraries. The  properties this luxury tour group provides are of the highest in luxurious standards.  This group already has many existing travel itineraries around the world for private luxury travel and you can adjust them, or offer your own input as you see fit.